Friday, January 26, 2018

Great Fun in Church
I have been teaching my eldest granddaughters violin for a number of years. Last Sunday, three of us performed some trios at their church. They are such lovely young ladies and they played very well. They are really getting into the small ensemble experience, having played mostly with full orchestras. Trios leave them more exposed and subject to nerves, but they handled it so well.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today's for the fun stuff

What's on your music stand today? Mine is spilling over with Ravel, Prokofieff, Western Swing, Klezmer and jazz. Some days I can play etudes for an hour, but not today. Today is for the sheer fun of playing music.

Consummate Musician

When you ask Carolyn Boulay to play at your event, you will be getting a consummate performer / professional who knows how to make every occasion special.

Her experience and versatility ensures that you will have the perfect music to fit your taste and mood. You may require a string quartet, a jazz trio or simply a solo violin.

Carolyn's training as a musician has been refined over the years by playing with countless legends of jazz, classical and rock. She has a most unusual resume of playing credits. Carolyn has been a soloist with community orchestras in parks throughout Minnesota. Many will recognize her from Lorie Line's Pop Chamber Orchestra. Others may recognize her style from one of many Lifescapes recordings.

When the Gatlin Brothers opened their nightclub at the Mall of America, Carolyn was there on the violin, playing the Orange Blossom Special.

She has played with the San Antonio Symphony, Aaron Copland, Rock Star Supernovas, Dave Brubeck, the Moody Blues, Page and Plante, Tammy Wynette, Liberace, Vince Gill and many, many others.

Carolyn will give you first class counsel and advice for whatever event you are planning.